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The Power of Business Agility

Business agility refers to distinct qualities that allow organisations to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision.

Adaptability, flexibility and balance are three qualities essential to long-term business agility.

Highly agile organizations can react more successfully to the emergence of new competitors, rapid advancements in technology and sudden shifts in overall market conditions.

Agile Organizations commit themselves to find better ways of organizing value streams. The main principles that guide a Agile Organization comprise the following five focus points:

  • Shared purpose and vision that helps people feel personally invested
  • Empowered teams. Flexible, scalable networks of teams rather than top-down hierarchical structures.
  • Rapid decision and learning cycles.
  • People centered culture.
  • Enabling technologies.

Introducing ÆGILITY

We offer a range of business coaching and training services in partnership with our business coaching and training partner ÆGILITY